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Herro Shade
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm just an artist that enjoys furry art though most of it is just gijinkas. I do also Mecha for a novel that i'm working on.
I also have a Furaffinity account…
  • Listening to: SiM, One Rock Ok
  • Reading: World Trigger, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul Re:
  • Watching: TMNT 2012 (If it airs), World Trigger
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright Trilogy, Chain Chronicle
  • Eating: Regular food(chinese, hispanic, italian, etc.)
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I don't really don't know what it is but lately I just feel bored lately, like nothing I do will keep my interests. It just seems that nothing I do interests me anymore, hell I bought the Phoenix Wright Trilogy just so I could get a bit of an intellectual challenge, but I got bored of it after finishing the first game. I have no interests in writing the next chapters for my series and drawing the art for them. I really don't know what to do anymore, so until I get out of this rut, all of my series are on indefinite hiatus, just until I clear my mind a bit. Thankfully I finished my designs on the Leviathan and the Nobunaga, as well wrote the next chapter for MechForce, so I will be posting that soon.

So until next time, this is OblivionSereph signing out.

Journal History


Pokemon: Coronis Adventures

Chapter 2: First Steps

Outside Route 24

Nidhogg: Drei! *lands at the entrance of Ville Town*

Eric: *comes off Nidhogg’s back* Thanks Niddy, have a good trip back.

Nidhogg: *Happy* Drei! *flies off*

Eric: *Sighs* Well time to go in. *enters the Town Entrance*

Inside Town Gate

Guard: Hello there, first time visiting?

Eric: Yep, I’m going to the Gym!

Guard: Wow, is this your first gym battle.

Eric: Uh huh!

Guard: Well then just make sure you register at the Pokemon Center, okay?

Eric: Okay, bye!

Ville Town; a small town of big dreams.

A Skiddo runs by

Skiddo: Skiiid!

???: Get back here!

A teenage girl goes past

Eric: That was weird.

*Alice comes out of her Pokeball*

Alice: *shakes her fur* Vee!

Eric: Alice?

Alice: *Runs after the girl and Skiddo*

Eric: Alice! *Runs after her*

Ville Town Fields

???: Gotcha! *catches the Skiddo

Alice: Vee?

???: Well hey there, where did you come from.

Eric: Alice!

Alice: *Runs back to Eric* Vee! *jumps into his arms*

Eric: Alice, don’t go running off like that.

???: She looks recently hatched, and a shiny no doubt, you’re a lucky, little guy.

Eric: She was a present for my journey. I’m Eric.

Sonia: I’m Sonia, I run these fields with my brother George.

Eric: Really, you guys run these big fields?!

Sonia: Us and our Pokemon of course.

A Stoutland barks in the distance.

Sonia: Bernie?! Somethings up with him, excuse me. *she leaves towards the barking*

Eric: *Puts Alice back down* We should go look into it too.

Alice: Vee!

They both run in the same direction of Sonia.

???: Whoa, relax! Maximus, I’ll get you your food, you just need to stop eating the supply for the town.

Maximus: (Snorlax) SNOOR! *Eating much of the crops*

???: Alright then, Markus, come out! *Opens a Pokeball*

*A Watchog comes out of the ball*

Markus: Watch!

???: Markus, use Hypnosis!

Markus: WATCH! *Strange waves come from his eyes*

Maximus: Snoor… *Falls over and sleeps*

???: *Sighs* Thanks Markus, return. *Recalls Markus*

Sonia: *Runs in* Is everything alright George?

George: Yeah, no problem, Maximus just woke up hungry. I used Markus to put him back to sleep.

Sonia: I see; looks like he tore through the food supply.

George: Yeah, I guess he was hungry. Return! *Recalls Maximus*

Sonia: He’s been causing a lot of trouble lately, maybe we should send him to Grandpa, there’s plenty of food in the mountains.

George: Yeah, maybe, so who’s the kid?

Sonia: Huh? Oh Eric, did you follow me?

Eric: Yeah, we wanted to see what was going on.

Alice: Vee!

George: Wow, a shiny Eevee, I’ve never seen a shiny before.

Eric: You’re really cool, the way you took care of that Snorlax was awesome.

George: It was nothing; taking care of strong Pokemon is my skill, after all I’m Ville Town’s Gym Leader.

Eric: Whoa, you’re the Gym Leader?

George: Are you a prospective challenger?

Eric: Yep, I just have to register at the Pokemon Center.

George: Well you be sure to do so, I’ll be in the Gym later today.

Eric: Alright, nice meeting you, *He walks away with Alice following him*

George: He seems like a nice kid, but he’s going to have to learn that he has to train.

Sofia: Just don’t crush him brother.

George: No promises.  

Pokémon Center

Ville Town Nurse Joy: Welcome to the Pokemon Center, how may I help you sir?

Eric: I would like to enter myself into the Pokemon League.

Ville Town Nurse Joy: No problem, upon entry you will receive your PokeDex, Trainer ID, and Badge Case. We just need you to do some paperwork; you can sign the paperwork in the lounge over there. *Gives Eric a folder with paperwork and a pen*

Eric: Thank you… *Walks to the lounge*


Eric: *Sighs* Paperwork sucks…

Youngster: *running in* Nurse Joy!

Ville Town Nurse Joy: Oh my, did you fight against George.

Youngster: *Sullenly* Yes…

Ville Town Nurse Joy: Alright, just give me your Pokémon and I’ll get them to heal.

Cowgirl: He probably got stomped by that Tauros, poor idiot.

Breeder: That Tauros is seriously fast.

Eric: *Sweating* *thinking* Oh boy, maybe we should think about doing some training… *Finishes the paperwork* *Gets up and brings it to Nurse Joy*

Ville Town Nurse Joy: All done?

Eric: Yep, just wondering, where is it that I can train my Pokemon?
Ville Town Nurse Joy: Well it should take about a half hour for the authorization to come in, so you could do some training on Route 25 to the north of town.

Eric: Route 25? Thanks. *leaves the Pokemon Center*

Route 25

Eric: Alright, what’s the pokemon that live around here?


Eric: What’s that? *Opens his bag* What’s this?


Eric: *Takes out a C-Gear* Oh cool, it’s like the C-Gear Mom and Dad wears. *Puts it on and taps the screen*

Welcome to C-Gear X… Receiving a call from Mother

The C-Gear X opens revealing a second screen and they activate showing Marissa and Eric.

Marissa: Hey there, I see you got to Ville Town okay.

Eric: Yeah, did Nidhogg get back okay?

Marissa: Yep, Niddy came back okay. So I guess I should tell you how the C-Gear X works, well it’s pretty much like a normal C-Gear, but I had a friend in Devon Corp. look at it so he could upgrade it with a few aps like the PokeNav Plus has. Just tap the second screen.

Eric: Alright. *Taps the second Screen*

The screen changes and shows a menu of options.

Marissa: Okay, looking at the memo he gave me. *Flips a paper* Okay so there’s the DexNav, which allows you to see what Pokemon are in a location, and a Locater which emits a Pokemon Cry to be able to attract the specific Pokemon that you called, you just have to catch the Pokemon first. Next is the AreaNav, which is a map for the region, that’s pretty simple, but it does show people who you have registered on your C-Gear. The last thing is the BuzzNav which is the news from around the region. That should be it. Did you get all that?

Eric: Yep, I think so.

Marissa: Well I’ll let you get back to what it was you were doing, have fun.

Eric: Kay Mom.

End Call

Eric: Alright, let’s see what we can do guys. *Opens both Pokeballs*

Niko: *Yawns* Doooour!

Alice: Vee Vee!

Eric: Let’s find some pokemon so we can train guys.

Niko: DOU!

Youngster: *Sees Eric* Hey you were at the Pokemon Center, right?

Eric: Yep, I heard you went to the gym and lost.

Youngster: Yeah, I didn’t think that the Tauros would be so powerful.

Eric: What are his pokemon?

Youngster: The first one is a Glameow and of course the Tauros, though that’s just his low level team.

Eric: I see, um do you want to have a pokemon battle.

Youngster: I guess it can’t hurt, but I won’t go easy.

Youngster Joey challenges you to a battle.

Eric: Alice, let’s do this.

Alice: Vee!

Youngster: Alright, let’s go! *Opens a pokeball and a Rattata comes out*

Rattata: Ratta!

Youngster: There’s no way you’ll beat my Rattata, he’s the top percentage of Rattatas!

Eric: Uh-huh. Let’s start this, Alice, Tackle!

Alice: VEE! *Charges and tackles the Rattata*

Rattata: TATA! *Pushed back*

Youngster: Rattata, Quick Attack!

Rattata: TATA!  *Disappears and reappears rapidly and tackles Alice*

Alice: Vee! *knocked backwards*

Eric: Alice, return, I guess it’ll take a little heat to finish this, Niko!

Niko: DOUR! *his mouth erupts in flames*

C-Gear: Niko’s Known moves: Leer, Ember. Egg Move: Fire Fang.

Eric: Awesome! Niko, let’s start with Ember, short bursts five seconds in between!

Niko: *Nods his head and starts firing bursts embers*

Youngster: Whoa! Ratatta dodge them!

Eric: Aim upwards! Bursts with two seconds in between!

Niko: *Starts firing above the field rapidly*

Eric: Enough, fall back and wait.

Niko: *Stops firing and jumps backwards.* Dou!

Youngster: What was that about, did you decide to give up!

Eric: Look up.

Youngster: What? *Looks up*

The embers start crashing back down slamming onto Ratatta.

A cloud of dust and smoke clears

Ratatta: Tatta… *collapses and faints*

Eric: Awesome, we did it Niko!

Niko: Dou!

Trainer Eric defeated Youngster Joey.

Youngster: Oh… I’m out of Pokémon that can fight.

Eric got 64 PokéDollars for winning!

Eric: Awesome, let’s keep going Niko!

Niko: Dou!

Youngster: Wow you were amazing, I’ve never seen moves like that!

Eric: Thanks for the battle, it was great practice.

Youngster: You sure you need to practice, you seem more than ready for a fight with George.

Eric: Yeah, but I do think that I should get one more pokemon before facing him.


*Pebble hits Eric in the head*

Eric: Ow! What hit me?

Murkrow: Kro Kro Kro!

Eric: Laughing at me huh, fine I wanted a Murkrow like dad has. Niko prepare for battle!

Niko: DOU!

Murkrow: KROW! *Starts flapping its wings and glides to the ground, flapping a foot off the ground*

Eric: Want to fight, huh! Nico, use howl!


Niko’s attack is raised.

Murkrow: Krow! *Flies to Niko and pecks him on the head*

Niko: Dou!

Eric: Now while it’s close, Fire Fang!

Niko: DOUR! *Fangs ignite and bites Murkrow’s wings*

Murkrow: KROW! *Catches on fire*

Eric: Yeah, we did it!

Youngster: Look he’s trying to get away!

Murkrow: *Starts trying to fly away, low to the ground*

Eric: Niko, Pursuit!

Niko: Dou! *Charges and comes to Murkrow’s front*

Eric: Stop, go Pokeball! *Tosses a pokeball at Murkrow*

Murkrow turns red as it becomes energy entering the ball.





Eric: Alright! I caught a Murkrow!

Youngster: So what are you going to name him?

Eric: Hmmm…

Paradigm City: 21st Precinct: Chief Detective Allan Edgar’s office


Allan: *Picks up Xtransceiver* Hey Eric, I heard you made it to Ville Town.

Eric: Yeah I did, I met the Gym Leader, I’m going to face him later. *Murkrow lands on his head*

Allan: Oh, who’s this one?

Eric: Oh, I caught him about 5 minutes ago, he kinda reminds me of Poe.

Allan: Oh, so what did you name him?

Eric: I’m calling him Corvus.

Corvus: Krow!

Allan: Well congratulations to your first capture. Well I wish you luck on your gym leader battle, George is a tough guy.

Eric: Thanks dad!

Allan: Kay kiddo. *Hangs up* So how long have you been standing there, Inspector Looker.

*Looker standing at the doorway*


Pokemon: Coronis Adventures: Chapter 2
Sooo, I had this lying around and I forgot to post this. Sooo here it is the second chapter of Coronis Adventures, starting out in Ville Town the Normal Type Gym is often the first gym that new trainers take on in the Coronis League. Welcoming addition to the team is Corvus the Murkrow.
Gramach Tazuk by OblivionSereph
Gramach Tazuk
Species: Tharxian-Arctic Fox Beastmen hybrid
Height: 184cm
Age (Earth Years): 36
Scales Color: Dark Brown; Purplish-Red
Eye Color: Red
Birth Date: July 27, 2412
Planet of Origin: Kalxim, Desert Region
Affiliation: Galactic Federation Mechanical Forces X-Squad
Occupation: Mech Pilot, X-Squad
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
S.A.M Piloted: XM-09 Leviathan

The X-Squad's amphibious combat expert, ironically; as he is from the Saljim desert in the Desert region of Kalxim. Due to his wishes to explore the oceans of the galaxy he quickly joined the Aquatics training and became the fastest recruit to pass the Federation Military Aquatics program in it's entire history.

EDIT: Also quite happy about how he turned out, He's the first reptilian anthro I've ever done, and I think I'll maybe do more in the future.
Genryu Mirodachi by OblivionSereph
Genryu Mirodachi
Species: Human; Japanese Heritage
Height: 165cm
Age (Earth Years): 25
Hair Color: Orange; Red (dyed tips)
Eye Color: Green
Birth Date: May 17, 2423 Galactic Standard 
Planet of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Galactic Federation Mechanical Forces X-Squad
Occupation: Mech Pilot X-Squad
Rank: Commander
AI: Classified
S.A.M Piloted: XM-08 Nobunaga

The swordsmaster of X-Squad with his Samurai inspired mecha he is the master of close range combat. Normally sent into ground based combat, he is the only member of the team without any long range weapons, thus relies on quick, high speed movements from his childhood training.
Elician Lianqu by OblivionSereph
Elician Lianqu
Species: Tharxian High Born
Height: 196cm
Age (Earth Years): 67
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Purple
Quill Color: Purple
Birth Date: February 6, 2381

Planet of Origin: Tharxia
Affiliation: Galactic Federation Mechanical Forces X-Squad
Occupation: Mech Pilot, X-Squad
Rank: Captain
S.A.M Piloted: XM-00 Ephraim

Leader of the X-Squad and the oldest child of the Elician Family and brother to Elician Rhose. As the leader of the X-Squad his duties are to assign missions to other X-Squad members as well as taking the most dangerous missions, some that demand there be no witnesses remaining. 
Ymir Dragul by OblivionSereph
Ymir Dragul
Species: Tharxian-Arctic Fox Beastmen hybrid
Height: 184cm
Age (Earth Years): CLASSIFIED
Fur/Hair Color: White

Planet of Origin: CLASSIFIED
Affiliation: Galactic Federation Mechanical Forces X-Squad
Occupation: Mech Pilot, X-Squad
Rank: Lieutenant
AI: Roland
S.A.M Piloted: XM-01a Umbra C.E.R.O.
Vessels Crewed: UFF-05 Oblivion

As expected many things about X-Squad profiles are classified as a secretive group of the Federation Milatary. Ymir is a very secrative person, especially considering that his real name is a secret.

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